The Retention Invention TM is an educational game designed for Android, Apple, Windows, and Mac devices. Results from two years of classroom testing have proven to broaden vocabulary, increase retention, and improve enunciation.

A multi-player, multi-level English vocabulary learning game, the Retention Invention enables students of multiple grade levels to compete with each other in a fun and entertaining 3D "gamification" environment.  It's pure fun that translates into enjoyable learning, and the results speak for themselves: An amazing 60% of players improve in word retention and proper enunciation in only 15 minutes per week!

The Retention Invention is the culmination of more than 2 years of classroom research and development, during which time more than 200 ELL students were assessed 4 times a day, 6 days a week on multiple factors:

Level of difficulty
Rate of improvement
Time required to complete game
Increase in player confidence and self-esteem
Balance of competition between players of different grade levels

Primarily targeted to help ELL students, this fun, engaging program is essential for anyone who is serious about learning English vocabulary and proper enunciation. The secret is that it's not like learning at all-It's a fun game that enhances language skills, without the burden of boring repetition. It truly benefits everyone, which opens up an amazing demographic for global markets.

Learn vocabulary and enunciation in a fun and engaging way that is easily accessible from any location worldwide on laptop or desktop, using Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone. With over 4000 examples in 10 different grade levels, a 10 year-old can compete against older siblings, younger siblings, or adults, each at the appropriate skill level in a single game!  Indeed, it is a fun, interactive learning experience for all!

Experience working with international students for nearly 10 years has served me well in understanding their needs. ESL students who, although very serious and accomplished learners, are deprived of the language support at home that is necessary to performing well in and outside of school. In addition, ESL parents set high standards, enforce disciplined study habits, and actively engage in their children’s learning. The Retention Invention meets both of these needs by providing students with an opportunity to learn words from 10 different learning levels in a family-fun format.

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